Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ohio and Kentucky Health Issues Polls

The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati has always encouraged and supported data-driven decisions. It is in support of that goal that they started the Ohio Health Issues Poll (OHIP) in 2005. The Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) was created shortly thereafter, in 2008.

The surveys were developed in order to collect state-level public opinion and health assessment data. They are conducted once a year in partnership with the Institute for Policy Research and cover a variety of topics, including insurance status, concerns about healthcare coverage, healthcare services, and others.

Conducting the polls on a yearly basis results in point-in-time and trended public opinion data as well as state-level trend data. When possible, the Polls use questions from national surveys to provide comparisons to national or regional data.

General information about the Polls, including results from all years, is available on our web site (OHIP/KHIP). The data are available for analysis and download in OASIS.

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